PIO List

PIO List

PIO List

Designation of first Appellate Authority in the Administrative Department of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana

List of State Public Information Officer & First Appellant Authority

Director of Urban Local Bodies Department Panchkula.

  1. State Public Information Officer.
  2. First Appellant Authority

Municipal Corporation

Sr. No.Name of M.C.State Public Information Officer.First Appellant Authority 
1PANCHKULAJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Pachkula,Commissioner
2AMBALAJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Ambala,Commissioner
3YAMUNA NAGARJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Yamuna Nagar,Commissioner
4KARNALJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Karnal,Commissioner
5PANIPATJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Panipat,Commissioner
6ROHTAKJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Rohtak,Commissioner
7FARIDABADJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Faridabad,Commissioner
8GURGAONJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon,Commissioner
9HISSARJoint Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Hissar,Commissioner

Municipal Councils

Sr.No.Name of M.C.State Public Information Officer.First Appellant Authority
10THANESARE.O. M.C. ThanesarCity Magistrate, Kurukshetra
11KAITHALE.O. M.C. KaithalCity Magistrate, Kaithal
12SONEPATE.O. M.C. SonipatCity Magistrate, Sonipat
13GOHANAE.O. M.C. GohanaSub-Division Magistrate, Gohana
14BAHADURGARHE.O. M.C. BahadurgarhSub-Division Magistrate, Bahadurgarh
15SOHNAE.O. M.C. SohnaSub-Division Magistrate, Sohna
16PALWALE.O. M.C. PalwalCity Magistrate, Palwal
17HODALE.O. M.C. HodalSub-Division Magistrate, Hodal
18REWARIE.O. M.C. RewariCity Magistrate, Rewari
19NARNAULE.O. M.C. NarnaulCity Magistrate, Narnaul
20BHIWANIE.O. M.C. BhiwaniCity Magistrate, Bhiwani
21CHARKHI DADRIE.O. M.C. Charkhi DadriSub-Division Magistrate, Bhiwani
22HANSIE.O. M.C. HansiSub-Division Magistrate, Hansi
23FATEHABADE.O. M.C. FarehabadCity Magistrate Fatehabad
24TOHANAE.O. M.C. TohanaSub-Division Magistrate, Tohana
25SIRSAE.O. M.C. SirsaCity Magistrate, Sirsa
26MANDI DABWALIE.O. M.C. Mandi DabwaliSub-Division Magistrate, Mandi Dabwali
27JINDE.O. M.C. JindCity Magistrate, Jind
28NARWANAE.O. M.C. NarwanaSub-Division Magistrate, Narwana

Municipal Committees

Name of M.C.State Public Information Officer.First Appellant Authority
29NARAINGARHSecretary Municipal Committee, NaraingarhSub-Division Magistrate, Naraingarh
30SHAHABADSecretary, Municipal Committee, ShahabadSub Division Magistrate, Shahabad
31LADWASecretary, Municipal Committee, LadwaSub Division Magistrate, Ladwa
32PEHOWASecretary, Municipal Committee, PehowaSub Division Magistrate, Pehowa
33PUNDRISecretary, Municipal Committee, PundriSub Division Magistrate, Pundri
34CHEEKASecretary, Municipal Committee, CkeekaSub Division Magistrate, Cheeka
35KALAYATSecretary, Municipal Committee, KalayatSub Division Magistrate, Kalayat
36RAJOUNDSecretary, Municipal Committee, RajoundSub Division Magistrate,Rajound
37TARAORISecretary, Municipal Committee, TaraoriSub Division Magistrate, Taraori
38NILOKHERISecretary, Municipal Committee, NilokheriSub Division Magistrate, Nilokheri
39GHARAUNDASecretary, Municipal Committee, GharaundaSub Division Magistrate, Gharaunda
40ASSANDHSecretary, Municipal Committee, AssandhSub Division Magistrate`, Assandh
41INDRISecretary, Municipal Committee, IndriSub Division Magistrate, Indari
42NISSINGSecretary, Municipal Committee, NissingSub Division Magistrate, Nissing
43SAMALKHASecretary, Municipal Committee, SamalkhaSub Division Magistrate, Samalkha
44MEHAMSecretary, Municipal Committee, MahamSub Division Magistrate, Maham
45KALANAURSecretary, Municipal Committee, KalanaurSub Division Magistrate, Klanaur
46SAMPLASecretary, Municipal Committee, SamplaSub Division Magistrate, Sampla
47GANNAURSecretary, Municipal Committee, Gannaur`Sub Division Magistrate, Gannaur
48KHARKHODASecretary, Municipal Committee, KharkhodaSub Division Magistrate, Kharkhoda
49JHAJJARSecretary, Municipal Committee, JhajjarSub Division Magistrate, Jhajjar
50BERISecretary, Municipal Committee, BeriSub Division Magistrate, Beri
51HAILY MANDISecretary, Municipal Committee, Haily MndiSub Division Magistrate, Haily Mandi
52PATAUDISecretary, Municipal Committee, PataudiSub Division Magistrate, Pataudi
53FARUKH NAGARSecretary, Municipal Committee, Farukh NagarSub Division Magistrate, Farukh Nagar
54HATHINSecretary, Municipal Committee, HathinSub Division Magistrate, Hathin
55BAWALSecretary, Municipal Committee, BawalSub Division Magistrate, Bawal
56DHARUHERASecretary, Municipal Committee, DharuheraSub Division Magistrate, Dharuhera
57MOHINDERGARHSecretary, Municipal Committee, MohindergarhSub Division Magistrate Mohindergarh
58KANINASecretary, Municipal Committee, KaninaSub Division Magistrate, Kanina
59ATELI MANDISecretary, Municipal Committee, Ateli MandiSub Division Magistrate, Ateli Mandi
60NANGAL CHAUDHARYSecretary, Municipal Committee, Nangal ChoudharySub Division Magistrate, Nangal Choudhary
61NUHSecretary, Municipal Committee, NuhSub Division Magistrate, Nuh
62FEROZPURSecretary, Municipal Committee, FerozpurSub Division Magistrate, Ferozpur
63TAURUSecretary, Municipal Committee, TauruSub Division Magistrate, Tauru
64PUNHANASecretary, Municipal Committee, PunhanaSub Division Magistrate, Punhana
65SIWANISecretary, Municipal Committee, SiwaniSub Division Magistrate, Siwani
66BAWANI KHERASecretary, Municipal Committee, Bawani KheraSub Division Magistrate, Bawani Khera
67LOHARUSecretary, Municipal Committee, LoharuSub Division Magistrate, Loharu
68BARWALASecretary, Municipal Committee, BarwalaSub Division Magistrate, Barwala
69NARNAUNDSecretary, Municipal Committee, Narnaund`Sub Division Magistrate, Narnaund
70UKLANASecretary, Municipal Committee, UklanaSub Division Magistrate, Uklana
71RATIASecretary, Municipal Committee, RatiaSub Division Magistrate Ratia
72BHUNASecretary, Municipal Committee, BhunaSub Division Magistrate, Bhuna
73RANIASecretary, Municipal Committee, RaniaSub Division Magistrate, Rania
74KALANWALISecretary, Municipal Committee, KalanwaliSub Division Magistrate, Kalanwali`
75ELLENABADSecretary, Municipal Committee, EllenabadSub Division Magistrate, Ellenabad
76SAFIDONSecretary, Municipal Committee, SafidonSub Division Magistrate, Safidon
77UCHANASecretary, Municipal Committee, Uchana`Sub Division Magistrate, Uchana
78JULANASecretary, Municipal Committee, JulanaSub Division Magistrate Julana