Pundri town is a small town having a small population i.e. 18559. This town is situated on the southern side of Karnai-Kaithal main road. Pundri along with Pundrak was named after the sage Pundarik, who is highly revered by all Hindus and it is supposed to have been a seat of the Pundir clan of Rajputs before they were evicted by Rana Har Rai in the late 9th - early 10th century. Pundri is the seat of a Tehsil. Pundri is also known for its firni, a sweet which is so popular that nearly 100 quintals of it are sold in the month of August around the festival of Teej. Water Flour Mill few remaining in India now, but one of them is a mill which is 123 years old near pundri. This mill was built in 1890 and it is located at the ground floor. Pundri is also known as Fatehpur-Pundri for the village of Fatehpur adjoining it.

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